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Anyone who owns a computer, knows how frustrating it is to try and use a computer that doesn't work properly. Sometimes you may have no choice but to call in professional help to rectify the problem and we all know how expensive a service call can quickly become. 

Costs for inflated on-site fees, High hourly rates, inflated transportation charges, parts and the list goes on. In some cases, You could purchase a new computer for the cost of one repair bill!

At Data Ware Computers, we are offering you and alternative to inflated computer repair service charges, by saving you 60% or more on any PC repair service call.  We provide quality professional service's at one low affordable flat rate, so you can keep your hard earned money where it belongs, in your pocket...

What we offer for less that 1/2 the cost of those other guys!

  • New clients receive 10% OFF your first service call
  • Microsoft Certified Professional technicians
  • You don't pay high hourly rates
  • Cheap Tuesday's, get 15% OFF all service calls
  • You don't pay on-site fee's
  • We offer In-home "How to" computer tutorials
  • In-home or office computer repairs
  • Estimates are always FREE
  • We offer low student flat rates and senior discounts
  • Same day service
  • Extended "24Hr" service is available to students
  • All work is guaranteed
  • Free pick-up and Drop-off from your home or office


                 Give us a call today and give your pocketbook a rest!                        




              We can help you with all this and much more....        







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System repairs


  • Certified technicians

  • No-Onsite fees

  • Low Flat rates

  • Same day service
  • FREE Pick-Up
  • FREE Drop-Off
  • In-Home repairs
  • Great discounts
  • Student discounts


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        Get a complete PC Tune-up service for only $65.00  

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